R5 – Sometime Last Night



Siblings Ross, Riker, Rydel and Rocky Lynch, along with their friend, Ellington Ratliff (R5) have created a masterpiece out of their sophomore album Sometime Last Night. Unlike their debut album, R5 added some alternative rock tunes to their usual pop rock / power pop tunes.

Featuring songs such as All Night, Smile, Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight, I Know You Got Away, Dark Side, and F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D it was rather a disappointment that none of the songs from Heart Made Up On You E.P. in 2014 never made it onto the album.

As usual, Rydel’s solo was no less than perfection, but offered a different perspective from her solo in 2013, Love Me Like That.

Obvious, Sometime Last Night is one of their best, and I hope to see more albums in the future.

A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits (Review)


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This has to be the most hilarious of the entire franchise. Although, I haven’t seen Once Upon A Song, I guess the musical idea came from that one. Anyways …

I think the Divine’s character was the most over the top. Aside from confusing me on how her name is pronounced (di-vean or is it di-vIne. I have no idea anymore) her character was absolutely annoying, unlike Domonique (played by Jane Lynch) in Another Cinderella Story in 2008, and Fiona (played by Jennifer Coolidge) in A Cinderella Story in 2004.

Although, the annoying stepsister act did not surprise me at all. The only thing about them that bothered me was there name, but enough on that.

Next off, let’s talk about Reed’s character.

Somehow the logic worked out that Tessa(or Bella – whatever) would have to be smarter than him for the plot to play out, which will also point out as a non-backed statement as we’ve never been shown a moment of actual intelligence other than she’s familiar with cars and tools, and that she’s good at problem solving. And that’s not even my point. My point: Reed seemed rather undeveloped – all of the characters are really undeveloped)

I also hate that we don’t get to see a lot of Georgie, Janet, or Bianca (Bianca especially – I think she would’ve brought a lot of humor to the movie had she more screentime).

But on the other hand, the good side – the play inside the movie is absolutely amazing, and for the first time, the disguise is actually believable that people wouldn’t recognize her. I also laughed at the Hogwarts Shire fumble. That was hilarious.

Lastly, I loved that the writers decided to abandon the shoe fitting scene at the end. I just loved the realistic outcome.

Overall, I liked it and I didn’t.

This Town – Niall Horan (Review)



Hearing this song, there was no doubt about the future and the One Direction hiatus. Niall Horan is officially a solo artist. And I loved the song.

Horan has a great voice, no doubting that. His role in One Direction definitely did some good in helping boosting the likelihood of a hit, and needless to say, I’m excited to see what he has in store for his debut album.

The Selection (Review)


Kiera Cass did a good job of creating an entirely original future in the form of fiction. The writing was absolutely phenomenal. So detailed, vivid, descriptive. It felt like the world came to life when reading it. Although, I will admit I do have a few problems with it:

For one, it takes around eight to nine chapters to actually get into the main plot of the story. Sure, I get that understanding the “relationship” between Aspen and America, but it shouldn’t take a reader eight chapters to actually get into the reason the book was read – The Selection itself.

Next, it seems as if the whole idea of “spunky girl doesn’t care for the boy that everyone swoons over and said boy ends up falling for said spunky girl” is very cliche. The A Cinderella Story franchise is known for that device, and let us not forget Enchanted too.

Also, I feel as if the story would’ve been interesting had America had more interaction with the rest of the girls. To say the least, she’s very reserved. I mean, why put thirty-five other girls into the story, yet the main character doesn’t talk to them much. That’s poor use  of characters.

It’s likely to say that Cass lacks the providing of information on the Caste System.

In my utmost beliefs, Aspen should not have been given a redemption arc. His last appearance should’ve been at America’s parting. Period. I mean, that brings in the next cliche – the love triangle. The Hunger Games did it, Matched did it, Girl Meets World did it. It’s become overused now.

Overall, it would’ve been interesting to see Maxon into anyone other than America. It’s a competition, so why not make America fight for Maxon?

On the other hand, Cass portrays America’s character so amazingly. America is relatable, no doubt about that.

The world she created is absolutely astonishing.

I loved the humor, although I wasn’t expecting as much humor as was given.

Overall, The Selection is definitely a book to read.

Twilight (Movie Review)


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As much as I love Twilight, there are both things I love about it, but I also hate about it at the same. Let’s break this down shall we.

First of all, Anna Kendrick, while an amazing actress, did not impress me very much as her role of Jessica. In my mind, maybe Anna Kendrick should’ve been Bella, not Kristen Stewart.

Next of all, why was Emmett the only vampire who has a good sense of humor?

Most importantly, Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob deserved more screentime in the movie than he got, although that pays back in the next movie when Robert Pattinson doesn’t receive a lot of screentime.

Lastly, Kristen Stewart’s character narrated too much.

What I did like was the use of sparkles. The special effects were absolutely amazing. I am able to see that. I loved the soundtrack, as much as I heard of it.

Overall it was a great movie.

Sabrina Carpenter – EVOLution


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October 2016 followed up with the exciting release of Sabrina Carpenter’s sophomore album EVOLution, featuring ten songs, including singles On Purpose, and Thumbs.

What does quite surprise me is that Smoke & Fire did not make it as a track on her album. The track did do really well in my view.

What also surprised me was that Sabrina did not release any EP prior to the actual album, something she did back 2014 with her EP known as Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, which followed up with the her actual debut album Eyes Wide Open.

EVOLution brings a different taste than Eyes Wide Open. While her debut album provided a fresh line of feel good pop anthems, her new album brings a fresh take of creative uses of tempo, beat, and style.

I’m excited to hear her new music in the future.

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Sweet 16


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Honestly, this episode would revolve around some sort of an actual Sweet 16 Party considering Lucas Friar is year older than everyone, meaning he would probably be a sophomore in high school.

To the extent of usual Girl Meets World episode, the episode lacked humor from a variety of characters. To be honest, Ben Savage was really the most dominant in the humor section of the episode.  In what I believe, Maya and Riley were pretty serious throughout the entire episode, except for a few moments.

In retrospect, it was actually kind of saddening to see the end of the supposed “Lucas X Smackle X Farkle” mini-triangle. Seeing the previews, I thought the end of Riley X Lucas was coming, but the confirmation of our nerdy couple “Smarkle” (Smackle X Farkle).

But I digress. The drama in this episode actually met up to the big explosion that was Topanga’s announcement of being made head of the office in London. The drama has me wanting to figure out what the decision is going to be.

Anyways, something I hoped to have seen in this episode was Zaya (Zay X Maya) come true. Back in Girl Meets Bear, I sort of developed a shipping towards them. Maybe next episode. And speaking of next episode.

The end of Girl Meets World is almost here.

Isle Of The Lost

Melissa de la Cruz’s novel adapted into a continuation movie, “Isle Of The Lost,” is probably one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read, to be honest. The fact that a good percentage of the characters are “bad” is really unique. Talk about so-not Mary Sue / Gary Stu characters.

It follows the teenage lives of Mal (daughter of Maleficent) Evie (daughter of Evil Queen) Carlos (son of Cruella DeVille) and Jay (son of Jafar) as they become friends on an adventure where they explore the outskirts of the Isle of the Lost. It also follows the story of Ben, Beast and Belle’s son, as he learns how hard it is be king.

De la Cruz perfected the usage of third person and justifying the view change. Her writing was descriptive and it had me hooked from the beginning. De la Cruz also snuck in some actual relatable problems an average teen would have in the real world: trying to live up to the expectations of your parents, problems with parents in general, etc.

In my opinion, everyone should  read Isle of the Lost. It’s an amazing book.

Adventures In Babysitting

In celebration of their one hundredth original movie, Disney Channel has created a successful spinoff of the original 1987 movie starring comedy duo/aspiring musical artists, Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson (otherwise known as SC squared.) A wonderful comedy enjoyable for family movie nights.

Sabrina has taken a break from being headstrong, rebellious, carefree Maya Hart and has become studious, goodie-two-shoes, planning-life-advance Jenny Parker, but still holds onto that creative/artistic trait. Let’s just say, give Jenny brown hair and I’d swear she was Riley Matthew’s doppleganger.

The actress who we otherwise know as Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie, has left the comforts of her dorm in Auradon and entered the real world as a carefree, artistic, easily distracted, spontaneous girl known as Lola Perez. Sorry Evie, Sofia has chosen art and casual attire instead of finding a prince and always being the best dressed in the room.

After an accidental phone swap while forming a rivalry competing for an art internship, Lola Perez and Jenny Parker find their paths crossed on a Friday night where they are both babysitting. They then find themselves on a wild adventure in the city after Trey Anderson sneaks out to see a concert.

It seems as if Disney Channel has ditched their “break into song whenever someone feels like it” trademark, and replaced it with one song entirely throughout the movie, otherwise leaving the need to release a movie soundtrack on iTunes later unnecessary. They also touch on the friendship part of the movie more than they did the “getting the boy” subplot.

The rap battle was rather unnecessary, in my view. A complete waste of time if they couldn’t have at least shown Sabrina and Sofia actually singing-rapping instead of talk-rapping. They both are talented singers, so why waste that talent on only one song? Seriously, Girl Meets World has featured Sabrina’s singing talent more than this movie ever did, and that show doesn’t even have to do anything with music.

Other than that, it was pretty amazing. One of Disney’s best.