Lemonade Mouth Review

I like this movie a lot. It’s funny, and it expresses friendship. It’s about 5 unlikely friends: Olivia, Wen, Mo, Stella, and Charlie. They met in detention, all by the horrible Principle Brenigan. Principle Brenigan hates music, and cares more about sports, banning the music room into the nasty basement. Ms. Reznick, the music teacher … More Lemonade Mouth Review

Camp Rock 2

Anyone remember Camp Rock? Well, Camp Rock 2 is totes awesome. I really liked how some of the emotions were put into music, just like High School Musical. I don’t really remember it that well, but it was funny. It totes topped the 1st one, and left off a mystery. So, if you do remember, … More Camp Rock 2

Every Soul A Star

So, I just go this book today. It seems good so far, but it’s sorta confusing. Like, when does this take place? Is this Science Fiction, or a fantasy? I just don’t get it. I know, I just started it, but it’s confusing. What was the most confusing book you’ve ever read? This, I have … More Every Soul A Star

Radio Rebel (Movie)

So, on Friday, I was watching Radio Rebel. It’s ’bout a girl, named Tara. She’s a shy girl, afraid to speak, but outside of school she’s Radio Rebel. The school is split up into cliques, and you can’t socialize outside of your clique, but Radio Rebel encourages to be yourself. Tara never really told anyone … More Radio Rebel (Movie)