Stargirl By: Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl is an amazing book written by Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl is new to Mica Area High School, and is very different from the other students. She dresses different, and sings songs on a ukulele to students on their birthdays. She even has a pet rat. Hillari has a theory that Stargirl is fake, so Kevin and Leo set up a plot to get Stargirl onto their show, Hot Seat. Leo was a little hesitant but gave in. While at the sporting events, Stargirl spreads school spirit, but also spirit. She got onto the Cheer Squad, and became sort of popular.

Though, meanwhile, Hillari tries to get revenge on Stargirl: attempting to kill Stargirl’s rat, Cinnamon, and humiliating Stargirl on Hot Seat. Eventually Stargirl confesses she has a crush on Leo, and they start to date. Though Leo is being hated by the school, so Leo has to think of a solution. He tries to lure Stargirl into being normal, something that was her great enemy. She does, but she doesn’t like it.

A book about embracing your differences, and not blending in. It’s a book about being yourself, and sticking up to bullying.


By: Jerry Spinelli


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