The Fault In Our Stars By: John Green

The Fault In Our Stars is a very awesome book. It’s a realistic romance novel, including flaws they deal with… Cancer. Hazel, she’s a girl who’s technically isolated, and she has cancer in her lungs. Then there’s Augustus, who is very social, and is very funny. Their worlds meet at a place called Support Group. Then there’s Isaac, a guy who is technically blind, and dumped by his ex-girlfriend, Monica. Hazel’s world is changed by Augustus, when she gives him her book, and he gives her his book. They both share the same questions about the book, An Imperial Affliction. The author of An Imperial Affliction, he moved to Amsterdam. After the reply to Augustus’s email, Hazel and Gus are invited to Amsterdam. But considering Hazel’s cancer was very bad, Hazel wasn’t sure she would be able to go. They do go to Amsterdam, and Hazel and Gus fall in love. Sadly at the end of the trip, Gus tells Hazel he has cancer and will die. A book about challenges, and romance.

The Fault In Our Stars,

By: John Green


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