Austin And Ally (TV Show)

Austin & Ally, it’s about a overnight sensation, Austin Moon. His first hit was a song stolen from Ally Dawson, (at first is) a shy girl who has stage freight. The two of them team up, Ally the songwriter, Austin the star. The other part of Team Austin is Trish, a girl who hates jobs, and Dez, Austin’s best friend who is obsessed with directing. They all make up Team Austin, helping Austin make it big time.
Meanwhile they face stuff such as relationship problems, and hard choices. For example, once Ally had to make a hard choice to either go to the music school or stay, which almost ended Team Austin. Another example (crazy though), Austin almost didn’t get signed a record label to Star Records because of he lost his voice. Relationship problems, for example: once Austin had to decide if he wanted to date Kyra, or if he wanted to date Ally. Another example: when Ally started to date Gavin, Austin had to find a way to move on, which ended up with Piper.
Other problems, they include facing fears: Ally overcame her stage freight, and became a star. Also problems like when Ally had to go on live TV to perform her song, that was before she over came her stage freight (Trish pretended to be Ally), and when Ally wrote with Austin under an alias so Ronny wouldn’t find out. I can name a bunch more of their problems, but I can’t.
My favourite character would have to be Ally, she smart, always having a logical joke or something. She represents a good person, and a shy person. Her weird jokes crack me up, but not as much as Dez does. Dez, he is pretty much very immature, and clueless. He always has something funny to do, or say. Trish, she’s funny, with her hate for jobs, and stuff, she also makes fun of Dez, but in a funny way. Austin, he would be my 2nd favourite, he’s sort of romantic, making a good impression, he also is funny.
My favourite episode is the prom episode….. I’ll not tell…..
Austin & Ally, on Disney Channel


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