Frozen is the best classic ever. It changes the mood of the normal Disney Princess. It changes the fairytales around, facing reality.

Elsa is not normal, she has powers that could do harm to her loved one. She stays hidden in her room, hiding from humanity. Meanwhile, Anna, her little sister is kept away from Elsa, never seeing her for many years.

The king and queen die, leaving Elsa in line for the throne. Meanwhile Anna dreams of romance, and meets Hans. Hans asks Anna to marry him, leaving Elsa angry and furious.

Elsa storms off into the mountains, and lets go. She hopes she won’t be found, but Anna goes out in search of Elsa. While that she runs into Christof, who decides to help her.

Along the way they meet Olaf, a crazy snowman dreaming to be in Summer. They find Elsa, but Elsa freezes Anna’s heart, and feels guilty.

Christof takes Anna to the trolls, who know everything. They then take Anna to Hans to save her, but Hans rejects, hoping she’ll die.

Meanwhile, Hans has a plot to kill Elsa. Anna rushes to save Elsa, freezing into a statue. They arrest Hans….

My favorite character is Elsa. She’s independent, doing things her own way. She’s a person who decided to be herself, and that is great.

My favourite part is when Anna punches Hans, it was awesome… I also liked the part when she sacraficed herself to save Elsa.


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