Radio Rebel (Movie)

So, on Friday, I was watching Radio Rebel. It’s ’bout a girl, named Tara. She’s a shy girl, afraid to speak, but outside of school she’s Radio Rebel. The school is split up into cliques, and you can’t socialize outside of your clique, but Radio Rebel encourages to be yourself. Tara never really told anyone that she was Radio Rebel, well until she was forced to.
Her friend, Audrey was the only person at school who knew she was Radio rebel, well Gavin sort of knew. Gavin was a popular person, he was in a band. Tara sort of had a crush on him, but Stacy was going to Prom with him. Stacy was a popular girl, she liked to be mean, bully (in some terms). She didn’t really like Tara, or Radio Rebel. Meanwhile the principle was trying to figure out who was Radio Rebel, because she wanted to expel her. Eventually hiding her Radio Rebel ruined the prom, and everyone got mad. She turned Prom into Morp, so it was the same thing. While that, Stacy tried to bust Tara. Eventually…. I won’t tell you…..
radio rebel! radio rebel!


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