So, yesterday Rio was on. I didn’t watch it all, but it seemed good. So, Blu, he’s a bird who can’t fly, but should be able to fly. he lives with a nerd girl named Linda, who taught him how to be a nerd. Then a guy takes them to Rio, and Blu gets lost or captured. Along there he meets a bird of his species, Jewels. Yeah, yeah.. They try to escape together, well, because they’re stuck together (literally). Blu falls in love with Jewels, who can fly. Then Linda and the guy are looking for him, and Blu gets captured (possibly again), trying to save Jewels. All the birds escape, and Blu and Jewels live happily ever after.
Hey, I barely saw much of it…. So, I may have my facts wrong. I liked it, kind of, but I didn’t see all of it. What do you think of Rio?


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