TFIOS (Movie Version)

As much as I like the book, and the movie, the movie is way different. They took out a lot of characters, like Jackie and Kaitlyn. The movie was just wasn’t as good as the book was without them. Do you get what I’m saying? Yeah, and they changed the book that Augustus liked to some weird title instead of The Price Of Dawn. Do you want to know what’s even weirder? They didn’t even mention the girl, (I believe her name was Caroline) in the movie. Although it was pretty good, it lacked more than a movie should. You do know I don’t hate the movie, right?

They also switch the scene that Gus admits he loves Hazel to the dinner scene. This isn’t annoying, right? Okay, so never mind on that. I know but in both the book and the movie, the ending leaves me a cliff-hanger. You understand, right? You see, the ending she reads the letter, and thee book ends, and that happens also in the movie. What happens?  Do you think Hazel dies?


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