The Book Thief (Movie Version)

The Book Thief, it’s a good movie. Although I like it, it’s just as confusing as the book is. The narrator’s name is Death, but it’s confusing because it sounds like the narrator is death its self. Is it? So, I like that they keep it real to the book (FYI, I never actually finished reading the book. Don’t criticize). Although the movie made more sense than the book, because I was seeing it. It gave me an understanding of what was going on, while in the book, I was confused. My favourite part would have to be when they brought all that snow inside the house, and had a snowball fight. It sort of showed Rosa’s good side, she wasn’t all angry or upset, or even grumpy. The scariest scene would have to be when the Nazis almost found max, I was scared to heck. The funniest part would have to be when Rudy & Liesel go out by the lake and scream that they hate Hitler, it just made me laugh.
My favourite character would be Liesel, she’s daring, taking a lot of risks in her life. She sounded brave, a hero who saved the day realistically. She just seemed so inspiring to me, defying the government, and daring to read. It was cool how she always had a place to steal a book. The weird part is that she told Rudy, who apparently could trust. It seemed they had a lot in common. Although she also shared a lot in common with Max, who was Jewish. The last scene was heroic, how Max came back for Liesel, like he said he would, just amazing.


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