Allegiant By: Veronica Roth

This my all time favorite book form the Divergent Trilogy. Tris has been accused of committing treason, but she was actually doing the right thing. Forming a lie to be left on guilty, she is released. But Evelyn doesn’t want Tris around Tobias (aka Four). While out one day, Tris is offered an opportunity to run away from the government by the Allegiant group, people who rebel against Evelyn. Determined to escape, Tris, Tobias, Christina, Uriah, Cara, Peter, and Caleb run away.
They find themselves in a placed call the Bureau, which they believe has more knowledge than them. They know about the past, unlike them. But during a test, both Tobias and Tris find out the truth really hurts. Devastated that he’s not Divergent, Tobias meets Nita, a girl who has a plot to overthrow the Bureau. Tobias swears himself to secrecy, but ends up telling Tris. They band together to overthrow the Bureau, and almost get caught.
The war against Evelyn is continuing, and the Bureau had had enough. They plan to drop memory drones to stop the war. Determined to save the city, Tobias, Tris, Caleb, Peter, Cara, and Matthew team up destroy the drones, even if it meant one of them giving up their life to save the city.
Read Allegiant the concluding book to the Divergent Trilogy.


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