Lemonade Mouth Review

I like this movie a lot. It’s funny, and it expresses friendship. It’s about 5 unlikely friends: Olivia, Wen, Mo, Stella, and Charlie. They met in detention, all by the horrible Principle Brenigan. Principle Brenigan hates music, and cares more about sports, banning the music room into the nasty basement. Ms. Reznick, the music teacher hates Principle Brenigan, and wants to teach him a lesson. During detention, Olivia, Wen Mo, Stella, and Charlie express their passion for music, which could lead to creating a band. Encouraged to create a band, they do, Lemonade Mouth: they got the band name from a lemonade machine, Mel’s Lemonade, which became a very important part of their career. They sorta had a goal to win Rising Star, but they had a rival band, Mudslide Crush. The rivalry is complicated, because one of the band member of Mudslide Crush, Scott is dating a girl from Lemonade Mouth, Mo.
Mo sorta has a tough time with her relationship with Scott. She has a father who wants her to be the “perfect” daughter, and grow up to be successful. It’s hard for her because her father doesn’t want her to date, but then here she was dating Scott. Meanwhile Charlie, the drummer in Lemonade Mouth, he has a crush on Mo.
Charlie, he has a hard time with his parents. His mother and father want him to grow up to be like his brother, a soccer player. Charlie doesn’t actually like soccer, and really likes drums instead.
Along with that, there’s Wen. He’s having a hard time with his Dad, because his Dad is dating Sydney. He doesn’t take it well, his mother left him and his dad years ago. And he was horrified when he found out his Dad was going to marry Sydney. (I sorta think Wen might have a crush on Olivia)
Then there’s Olivia, who lives with her grandmother, and her kitten. Olivia’s dad is in prison, and her mother is dead. her old cat is the only thing she has left from her mom.
Then lastly, Stella. She’s rebellious. She angry at her mom and dad for moving halfway across the country. She’s the one who got encouraged to make the band.
So, the band is together. They have a friendship, helping each other out. Their actions…. I won’t tell. Has anyone seen Lemonade Mouth?


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