Teen Beach Movie- Review

I really like this movie. It’s musical, and funny. I just love the music, and everything.
So, it’s about McKenzie and Brady. McKenzie had to leave the island she knew well, and her boyfriend, Brady. But she wanted to surf one last time, surfing the biggest wave ever. But while doing that, she and Brady end up in a musical, Wet Side Story (not West Side Story, Wet Side). Wet Side Story is a musical, which Brady liked. McKenzie is all about getting out of the movie, while Brady wants to stay. But the movie is twisted when Lela ends up in Brady’s arms, not Tanner’s. And Tanner falls for McKenzie. Their only choice is to unite the Bikers and Surfers, but there’s only one problem: Bikers and Surfers are rivals. Brady and McKenzie have to try to get Lela and Tanner to fall for each other, but meanwhile they’re also trying to get the storm to happen so they can go home.
My favorite character is Brady. He’s funny, and all about having fun. He’s also very honest, and does what he wants. I just like his character. Though my second would have to McKenzie, she’s the person who tries to turn things around, she’s smart.
Though it’s musical and funny, it’s also romantic. My favorite part is when Brady and McKenzie get back together, it just makes sense. I also like the part where Lela admits she wants to Surf, while she was a Biker.


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