Austin & Ally: Records & Wrecking Balls

In this episode of Austin & Ally, Ally’s first album is coming out. She is forced to come to decisions to quit Sonic Boom (the music store in which she had her life in). But in cons, Ally’s dad sold the store. Now it’s up to them to save Sonic Boom.
The episode makes me wanna cry. the episode may end well, but the song preformed made me wanna cry. It’s full drama, and humor. I liked this episode ’cause it answered my question: Austin and Ally are a couple now. The best part is the music, which makes we wanna cry. The music had a lot of feeling put into it, and made it good, that’s why I almost cried. Maybe, it was the fear that Austin & Ally was gonna end, but it was pretty good. But any how, my question is: when is the next episode?


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