Austin & Ally: Relationships & Red Carpets

In this episode, Austin & Ally are both up for Best Debut Album at the Worldwide Music Awards. Austin and Ally are really excited to tell the world that they’re a couple, but then Jimmy Starr, Austin’s record producer says that Auslly can’t be a couple. As Auslly(Austin and Ally) try their best to pretend they aren’t dating, the stakes of what might happen if they are a couple is severe. Jimmy threatens to stop Austin’s career. I can’t say anything else, or it’s a spoiler. Oh, Dez moves to L.A. to be with his girlfriend.
My favorite part is when Austin admits to the world he loves Ally:). I almost cried when, okay, I spoil it, when Austin loses his career, and Dez left for L.A. It may noy=t be the last episode ever, but it felt like it.

Without love, what’s the point of any of this?


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