Adventures In Babysitting

In celebration of their one hundredth original movie, Disney Channel has created a successful spinoff of the original 1987 movie starring comedy duo/aspiring musical artists, Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson (otherwise known as SC squared.) A wonderful comedy enjoyable for family movie nights.

Sabrina has taken a break from being headstrong, rebellious, carefree Maya Hart and has become studious, goodie-two-shoes, planning-life-advance Jenny Parker, but still holds onto that creative/artistic trait. Let’s just say, give Jenny brown hair and I’d swear she was Riley Matthew’s doppleganger.

The actress who we otherwise know as Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie, has left the comforts of her dorm in Auradon and entered the real world as a carefree, artistic, easily distracted, spontaneous girl known as Lola Perez. Sorry Evie, Sofia has chosen art and casual attire instead of finding a prince and always being the best dressed in the room.

After an accidental phone swap while forming a rivalry competing for an art internship, Lola Perez and Jenny Parker find their paths crossed on a Friday night where they are both babysitting. They then find themselves on a wild adventure in the city after Trey Anderson sneaks out to see a concert.

It seems as if Disney Channel has ditched their “break into song whenever someone feels like it” trademark, and replaced it with one song entirely throughout the movie, otherwise leaving the need to release a movie soundtrack on iTunes later unnecessary. They also touch on the friendship part of the movie more than they did the “getting the boy” subplot.

The rap battle was rather unnecessary, in my view. A complete waste of time if they couldn’t have at least shown Sabrina and Sofia actually singing-rapping instead of talk-rapping. They both are talented singers, so why waste that talent on only one song? Seriously, Girl Meets World has featured Sabrina’s singing talent more than this movie ever did, and that show doesn’t even have to do anything with music.

Other than that, it was pretty amazing. One of Disney’s best.


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