Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Sweet 16

Honestly, this episode would revolve around some sort of an actual Sweet 16 Party considering Lucas Friar is year older than everyone, meaning he would probably be a sophomore in high school.

To the extent of usual Girl Meets World episode, the episode lacked humor from a variety of characters. To be honest, Ben Savage was really the most dominant in the humor section of the episode.  In what I believe, Maya and Riley were pretty serious throughout the entire episode, except for a few moments.

In retrospect, it was actually kind of saddening to see the end of the supposed “Lucas X Smackle X Farkle” mini-triangle. Seeing the previews, I thought the end of Riley X Lucas was coming, but the confirmation of our nerdy couple “Smarkle” (Smackle X Farkle).

But I digress. The drama in this episode actually met up to the big explosion that was Topanga’s announcement of being made head of the office in London. The drama has me wanting to figure out what the decision is going to be.

Anyways, something I hoped to have seen in this episode was Zaya (Zay X Maya) come true. Back in Girl Meets Bear, I sort of developed a shipping towards them. Maybe next episode. And speaking of next episode.

The end of Girl Meets World is almost here.


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