Sabrina Carpenter – EVOLution

October 2016 followed up with the exciting release of Sabrina Carpenter’s sophomore album EVOLution, featuring ten songs, including singles On Purpose, and Thumbs.

What does quite surprise me is that Smoke & Fire did not make it as a track on her album. The track did do really well in my view.

What also surprised me was that Sabrina did not release any EP prior to the actual album, something she did back 2014 with her EP known as Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, which followed up with the her actual debut album Eyes Wide Open.

EVOLution brings a different taste than Eyes Wide Open. While her debut album provided a fresh line of feel good pop anthems, her new album brings a fresh take of creative uses of tempo, beat, and style.

I’m excited to hear her new music in the future.


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