Twilight (Movie Review)

As much as I love Twilight, there are both things I love about it, but I also hate about it at the same. Let’s break this down shall we.

First of all, Anna Kendrick, while an amazing actress, did not impress me very much as her role of Jessica. In my mind, maybe Anna Kendrick should’ve been Bella, not Kristen Stewart.

Next of all, why was Emmett the only vampire who has a good sense of humor?

Most importantly, Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob deserved more screentime in the movie than he got, although that pays back in the next movie when Robert Pattinson doesn’t receive a lot of screentime.

Lastly, Kristen Stewart’s character narrated too much.

What I did like was the use of sparkles. The special effects were absolutely amazing. I am able to see that. I loved the soundtrack, as much as I heard of it.

Overall it was a great movie.


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