The Selection (Review)

Kiera Cass did a good job of creating an entirely original future in the form of fiction. The writing was absolutely phenomenal. So detailed, vivid, descriptive. It felt like the world came to life when reading it. Although, I will admit I do have a few problems with it:

For one, it takes around eight to nine chapters to actually get into the main plot of the story. Sure, I get that understanding the “relationship” between Aspen and America, but it shouldn’t take a reader eight chapters to actually get into the reason the book was read – The Selection itself.

Next, it seems as if the whole idea of “spunky girl doesn’t care for the boy that everyone swoons over and said boy ends up falling for said spunky girl” is very cliche. The A Cinderella Story franchise is known for that device, and let us not forget Enchanted too.

Also, I feel as if the story would’ve been interesting had America had more interaction with the rest of the girls. To say the least, she’s very reserved. I mean, why put thirty-five other girls into the story, yet the main character doesn’t talk to them much. That’s poor use  of characters.

It’s likely to say that Cass lacks the providing of information on the Caste System.

In my utmost beliefs, Aspen should not have been given a redemption arc. His last appearance should’ve been at America’s parting. Period. I mean, that brings in the next cliche – the love triangle. The Hunger Games did it, Matched did it, Girl Meets World did it. It’s become overused now.

Overall, it would’ve been interesting to see Maxon into anyone other than America. It’s a competition, so why not make America fight for Maxon?

On the other hand, Cass portrays America’s character so amazingly. America is relatable, no doubt about that.

The world she created is absolutely astonishing.

I loved the humor, although I wasn’t expecting as much humor as was given.

Overall, The Selection is definitely a book to read.


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