A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits (Review)

This has to be the most hilarious of the entire franchise. Although, I haven’t seen Once Upon A Song, I guess the musical idea came from that one. Anyways …

I think the Divine’s character was the most over the top. Aside from confusing me on how her name is pronounced (di-vean or is it di-vIne. I have no idea anymore) her character was absolutely annoying, unlike Domonique (played by Jane Lynch) in Another Cinderella Story in 2008, and Fiona (played by Jennifer Coolidge) in A Cinderella Story in 2004.

Although, the annoying stepsister act did not surprise me at all. The only thing about them that bothered me was there name, but enough on that.

Next off, let’s talk about Reed’s character.

Somehow the logic worked out that Tessa(or Bella – whatever) would have to be smarter than him for the plot to play out, which will also point out as a non-backed statement as we’ve never been shown a moment of actual intelligence other than she’s familiar with cars and tools, and that she’s good at problem solving. And that’s not even my point. My point: Reed seemed rather undeveloped – all of the characters are really undeveloped)

I also hate that we don’t get to see a lot of Georgie, Janet, or Bianca (Bianca especially – I think she would’ve brought a lot of humor to the movie had she more screentime).

But on the other hand, the good side – the play inside the movie is absolutely amazing, and for the first time, the disguise is actually believable that people wouldn’t recognize her. I also laughed at the Hogwarts Shire fumble. That was hilarious.

Lastly, I loved that the writers decided to abandon the shoe fitting scene at the end. I just loved the realistic outcome.

Overall, I liked it and I didn’t.


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