Hamilton Soundtrack (Review)

I love Hamilton, a hip-hop comedy-drama musical following the story of “$10 Founding Father” Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius, and great with rhymes. For now, let’s break it down.

First of all, the songs explore various genres of music aside from rap/hip-hop. For example, “Wait For It” – my personal favorite song – explores a less hip-hop style, as well as “You’ll Be Back.” It gives the play more personality.

Second of all, the dual-casting method was rather unimpressive. I had a hard enough time figuring Burr was narrator a lot of the songs based on the voice, and would it hurt to hire more actors/actresses – for instance, take “The Twilight Saga: Break Dawn – Part 2.” They had to hire a lot of actors/actresses  to make that final scene possible, so why not Hamilton?

I also feel as if there could’ve been more of a songlike sounds in the music. Most of the raps sometimes felt as if they were being spoken. What happened to the times when melodious tones were required?

Overall, I loved it. It provides historical information and it’s very enjoyable. Your thoughts?


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