Moana (Review)

So, I’ll just start off with Moana was amazing. I loved the storyline, and I loved the music. It was just so amazing. So let’s get started.

First of all, the music was great – my favorite song would have to be “Shiny,” because it’s just a very funny song, and it just introduces the most hilarious villain in Disney history.

Moana is going to be put into the “Hall of Disney Princesses,” I’m assuming. She’s one of the very few to not end up with a love interest. First came Merida, then Elsa, and now Moana. To me, she is a great role model.

Maui however, played by renowned Dwayne Johnson, is the completely opposite. He’s narcissistic, but if he wasn’t, would we still have catchy hit “You’re Welcome?” But he’s very hilarious, sometimes even in bad situations (i.e. the scene where he’s sullen represial of the chorus of “You’re Welcome” but with different lyrics.

Let’s not forget those wonderful easter eggs hidden (Most obvious: Maui turns into Sven for a second).

On the other, hand while a different take on sidekicks, Heihei deserved a better character. Even though his character made sounds, they could’ve taken a Perry the Platypus take on the chicken.

Still on the topic of animals, I was expecting Pua to come along for the  adventure, for that fireside dance scene in the teasers. Shame it didn’t happen.

 Now on the prophecy part, the writers could’ve given Moana different name because her name explains why the “ocean chose her.” Also, Tui and Sina shouldn’t’ve named their daughter anything but “Moana” if they wanted to keep her away from the ocean.

Other than that, this move is an instant classic that will live on with Disney for all eternity.


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