End-A-Rooney (Liv & Maddie)

Au revoir Liv & Maddie. The four seasons we got with you were phenomenal. Now, let’s get to the episode. I’ll go with, it was pretty emotional, especially the last scene with the reprisal of the theme song (a technique they used in the season three season finale).

I have a few problems with the storyline. First of all, the twist that gave an excuse for cameo of two cameramen. It applies to important information that should’ve been covered from the series premiere. So, for a moment, I thought they would leave the explanation for breaking the fourth wall alone like Modern Family does.

Next problem: Dump Truck’s appearance. I mean seriously, what made it necessary for his appearance? Sure, he played a recurring role, but his importance mainly lies in the fact that, most of the time, his part is to scare Joey, but I guess he does deserve the proper goodbye, but here are potential list of characters who deserve the series finale appearance:

  1. Josh (He wasn’t in the series finale trio episodes. Plus, I’d absolutely love to see how Diggie and him would get along. I’d love to see Maddie scared (hehe!))
  2. Artie (While he was in the penultimate episode, I’d still like to see resolvance to his devious portrayal. It would’ve been more fun to have him there when Liv admits that she texts Artie – yes, I kinda ship them now. Also, it would’ve been fun to have Diggie and Artie in the same location at one point.)

Next, Willow and Diggie’s real names. For one, Willow doesn’t have to be short for Winifred at all, since Willow is already a name on its own being a name inspired from nature. And Digbert, umm … What would’ve been fun is to find out Diggie is not short for anything.

And Parker, I would’ve loved to have found out your middle name. I mean, for example in Austin & Ally, Ally refused to reveal her middle name, but we find out in the last scene of the series (though subtle and on an award of some kind).

On the other hand, what I did like is the different take on the series finale. In typical series finales, it goes happily ever after, with a few exception. This time, it’s not necessarily a happy ending, as everyone goes their separate ways.

I also loved the mentions of one the most uplifting episodes in Liv & Maddie (hint: Dump Trunk mentioned it through the song featured).

I also loved the end where they admit their secrets. I was actually surprised by Liv’s secret. I actually liked Artie for a moment.

While sad, it had a pleasant ending with a touching message.


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