The Odyssey

Considered classical epic poetry, the term ‘epic’ implies it all. The timeless tale of Odysseus’ journey back home is truly epic. Although, it rather brings up confusion through its writing, as it is poetry … and 24 books long.

First of all, the invocation in the beginning, who is even the narrator? Homer? I mean, Odysseus is the main character of this story. Why can’t he tell the whole tale, not just the flashback?

Next of all, let’s jump to Book 9 with the Cyclops. Odysseus tells the Cyclops who he is and where he is from, and chances are, Polyphemus is the son of Poseidon. Seriously, let’s just say, diehard Percy Jackson fans will probably see that coming … am I right?

Now, when it comes to Circe, I was almost convinced she was one of those obstacles, but in fact, she helps him, so I’m sort of lost there … is she good? Or is she bad, like most encounters of Odysseus’s flashback?

Now, before I get onto a lesser of importance – Athena makes Odysseus beautiful. I may not understood how the roles played out for each god and goddess in Greek mythology, but I think beautifying seems more of a job for … Aphrodite?

My next point – why do some of these gods have their own islands? Shouldn’t the gods be living on, I don’t know … Olympus!

The immortal cattle. If they’re immortal, that means they basically can’t be killed, or eaten, so how was Odysseus’ crew able to eat the immortal cows, thus angering Helios?

It’s rather confusing. I’m not sure about the good things other than it kept me on the feet with all the action. Overall, there are several parts for many different types of interests. Characters are relatable, with a few laughable moments …


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