Alice Through The Looking Glass (Review)

Disney has brought a sequel to its 2010 film, in which we join Alice’s story at the end of her travels across the sea. There’s a distinct difference between the two films, most likely due to the different director. Last time, the portal was through a rabbit hole; this time, a look glass, which of course brought comic relief with a parody to renown nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. There was less action and an extensive amount of dull humor. But let’s get to the actual point:

First of all, out of all possible things that could happen in this mystical world, time travel (and by time travel, I do not mean, the ability to go back and witness the sinking of the Titanic firsthand or some other important event, but rather events crucial to the Underland, most of which have silly names that I cannot spell but rather pronounce)

Second of all, the amulet in which has the ability to enable to the possessor time travel is called the “chronosphere.” I had a bit trouble going by that since that name was already used in Spy Kids: All The Time In The World.

Next of all, the constant travel between the actual world and the Underlands brings up the question why that couldn’t happen in the last movie but it did in here. But my point is – the mirror brings up the mixed messages between the reality Alice goes through and the world she spends most of the movie in. But I digress.

Next, the position that Time stands in, whether he is bad or good, is not really established. Better establishment equals better understanding.

My last point, the arc that explained Iracebeth’s evil was completely fine until we find out the origins – Mirana putting the cookie crumbs under Iracebeth’s bed. To me that’s actually rather petty. She started a reign of evil and unleashed terror over what – the fact that her sister lied about the cookie crumbs under the bed. But I guess everyone did get their happily ever after at the end.

Overall, it was an amazing movie. I loved it and I hope for another sequel.


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