Once Upon A Time: Season 1 (Review)

I was actually hooked with the entire season from the beginning. It’s intriguing and oddly kind of cool to explore the what if these fairy tale characters had to make it in the real world – the only problem, they’re not actually in the real world. They’re trapped in a remote town in Maine called Storybrooke.

In my view, as a person who reads Descendants, the idea that the Evil Queen outranks Maleficent piqued my interest. But it’s also nice to see that even the villains have good sides.

For example, Regina (the Evil Queen) isn’t actually bad – she’s just in a bad situation, but we can see that she really does love Henry, even though he’s only her son through adoption.

And Rumplestiltskin – he loves his son. And he loves Belle, because he’s the Beast as well (a rather surprising shock)

And Snow White and Prince Charming’s love story – I swear, I almost thought I could’ve been watching a less comedic version of Mirror Mirror (another adaptation of Snow White with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen – of course, it’s total comedy.) But the fighting part – the combat, is what actually made the connection.

On the other hand, Emma Swan’s denial to her claimed role that Henry assures is her, was rather irritating. I know, I may be realistic, but when they decided to make this about fairytale characters, realism was already abandoned.

But I do appreciate that they’re trying to stay true to the original tales from the Grimm Brothers. It sort of differentiates it from the clean, happily ever after, children’s tales made by Disney. You see, the tone of Disney is rather light, but like the Grim tales, Once Upon A Time sheds the tale in a dark light. I digress.

I loved the fact that I was kept on my feet on whether I could trust Regina and Rumple or not.

I love this show. I’m so excited about the second season.


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