Once Upon A Time (Season 2)

This season took me by surprise with what went on. There was so much happening, and it just had me on the hook from the beginning – and there’s a pun already!

My favorite part was the introduction to Hook – it was interesting to find that Rumplestiltskin would be the crocodile from Peter Pan, but then again he is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

I also loved the part that Neal, the father of Henry, is the son of Rumplestiltskin. So that makes Henry the grandson of Gold.

My one problem with this season is … well, the problems. There are too many of them. First off, there’s the wreaths that transport Snow and Emma to the Enchanted Forest where they meet Mulan, Aurora, Hook, and Cora.

Then there’s Regina who’s trying to be good for Henry but ultimately fails because of Hook and Cora’s arrival to Storybrooke, and at the same time, Gold going to find his son in New York and almost dying because Hook went after him.

Then at the same time, there’s Belle who lost her memory (again.)

Then there’s Snow who’s responsible for Cora’s death, and Greg who comes into Storybrooke at the wrong time and witnesses magic, but just happens to be the adult version of Owen who visited Storybrooke days after it magically appeared.

Then there’s Tamara, Neal’s so-called “fiancee,” who wants to snuff out magic.

Then there’s a vengeful Regina who wants to activate the self-destruct button on Storybrooke and escape to the Enchanted Forest with Henry but just happens to get captured by Greg and Tamara.

Then there’s Neal who might’ve died while going through the portal when hurt by Tamara.

And finally, Henry, who wants to destroy magic, is kidnapped by Greg and Tamara and taken to Neverland.

Season One was so much simpler, but who knew that the Enchanted Forest wasn’t the only fairy tale realm.

Other than that, this season was nonetheless AMAZING!


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