Once Upon A Time (Season 3)

Okay, Season 3 surprised me the more than Season 1 or 2. It was more set on a more stable plotline, much like Season 1. I enjoyed that very much. I also relished in a more exciting version of Neverland. But I do have a few problems with this season.

So, let’s start off with my problem with Pan. In a classic tale about the boy who never wanted to grow up and found home in Neverland where he’s basically immortal and unaging – wait a second … could Peter Pan be a vampire? Now, that’s an interesting theory, but not relevant. – The audacious teen in green and red hat with a pipe who Captain Hook hates which creates hatred between the both of them.

Here’s our checklist of Peter Pan (Once Upon A Version):

  • Audacious
  • Teenager
  • Wears green clothing and a cap
  • Has a pipe
  • Rivalry with Captain Hook

So let’s see about audacious. I wouldn’t say he’s daring. I’d rather say Pan is conceited, selfish, vindictive, and overall ruthless. For example, he gave up his son just so he could always be young. He engages in violent tendencies. He’s the opposite of what we expect.

As for teenager, I’d say he is, in appearance maybe a teenager, but is technically centuries old, but I won’t elaborate on immortality.

In clothes, I can’t say his signature garb is green, and he sure has never been seen wearing a cap.

For the pipe, he definitely has that, which he uses to lure in what becomes the Lost Boys. So that’s a check.

And lastly, the rivalry with Captain Hook, there’s none as far I’ve seen. I’d say that since Pan is evil, Killian/Hook is too afraid to make enemies with Pan, and since I believe in the movie, Pan takes Hook’s hand, which starts the hatred, but in Once Upon A Time, Rumplestiltskin takes Hook’s hand, so the rivalry is between Gold and Hook, not Pan and Hook. But enough with that.

Continuing with Neverland, my problem is the lack of backstories revolving around Neverland. I mean, we’re basically provided only a few backstories – 1. When young Neal  (still Baelfire) arrives in Neverland. And 2; the creation of Peter Pan. There’s so much they could’ve used for the backstory part of the series.

For instances, Neal’s time with Pan, how he escaped, where did he go next, basically showing us how he was able to get to the moment he met Emma. Sure, it’s spoken about, but it would’ve been better to see it happen.

I’d also like to see how Tink ended up in Neverland, as well as Wendy. I’d also like to see how it’s possible that Pan was able to conjure up a picture of Henry at most 211 years before Henry would actually show up. But no more on that topic.

Now, since we’re still on Neal, I’m so happy he didn’t die going through the portal where he meets Robin, Aurora, Phillip, and Mulan. I’m excited he got to Neverland. Enough on that for the moment.

So, now let’s talk about Hook. Once he helps heal David with the water, Emma sees him as a good guy. That’s the moment where he no longer a villain. Squee!

Enough about Neverland, let’s go one year ahead. I like the creativity in the idea. The pause in backstories to show what happened in that year, how the people of Storybrooke lost their memory. But my problem is that we’re provided with Cora, Jr.  a.k.a her eldest daughter, Zelena vengeful towards her sister, Regina, for getting the life she didn’t.

Now Gold died earlier and is now revived and held captive by Zelena, but pysch, Neal’s spirit is trapped inside of Gold and vise versa … I think. So, when Neal finally escapes, he dies, sadly.

But, that’s enough. I’d like to say I like the romantic subplot between Regina and Robin Hood.

Next, I love the finale where Emma and Hook travel into the past and Emma almost prevents her parents from meeting. And in the end, they brought back Robin’s supposed-to-be deceased wife, Marian. Talk about drama! This is so exciting, especially the cliff-hanger at the end!


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