Once Upon A Time (Season 4)

As usual, this season of Once Upon A Time was nonetheless awesome. The plots were in all captivating, and I enjoyed every second of it. Twists and turns everywhere.

So, Frozen came into the story. So, let’s see which movies we had in Once Upon A Time: Tangled and Frozen … so far. I really think that Moana should be brought to Once Upon A Time then. What next?

Now let’s talk about Ingrid. She seems nice, despite she’s usually bad. Not all villains are as calm and as soft spoken as her, which makes her different. And who knew that Elsa had an aunt who also had ice powers? And that there was third sister who was frozen – get it?

My favorite part in her span of the series is that after the spell of Shattered Sight, in the sheriff’s office, Snow, Regina and David are all laughing at what happened. While dramatic, it sort of gives comic relief.

Wait – I forgot something. Emma and Killian. They’re cute together, are they not?

Now, I’m a little angry that Belle banished Gold from Storybrooke. If she hadn’t, Gold wouldn’t’ve teamed up with Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella to find the author. But then again, without it, the plot wouldn’t’ve progressed.

My next problem is that Cruella was in the Enchanted Forest. Sure, she’s one of the evils, but she doesn’t exactly belong in the Enchanted Forest – she’s too modern for that time. She has a car and everything; the Enchanted Forest has horses.

I think it’s sweet – Ursula’s backstory. Her voice was beautiful, truly.

And Ariel, saving Killian after Ursula threw him overboard on the ship, that was quite the scene to witness!

And Maleficent only wanting to see her daughter, and giving up evil once she finally found her daughter, Lilith, who tried to be friends with Emma unknowingly that she carried Emma’s evil in her, well unknowingly until later to be fair, that was touching.

Cruella’s backstory was nonetheless, well, interesting. I was interested to see that her mother wasn’t necessarily a villain, but wasn’t aligned with the good guys either. And her history with the author, Isaac Heller, that was, wow! I was mind blown.

The fact that Isaac was bad also intrigued me. But of course, I am not a fan of his that he rewrote all of the Book, and the good guys almost didn’t get their happily ever after, that was daunting.

But what was most exciting, was the finale scene of season 4. I mean, that was just amazing. Gold’s life is on the line, the darkness is lurking the town, the Apprentice has died, and what do you know … Of course, I won’t say it. It’s too exciting!


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