Once Upon A Time (Season 5)

So, this had to be the most exciting season of them all. I didn’t expect the characters I saw in this season to actually appear. And to be honest, I’m very surprised on how little this season took place in Storybrooke.

So, now we get to see Camelot, which brings up some questions for me. For instance, why is Camelot in the same realm as DunBroch, as in Camelot can invade DunBroch?  And how exactly was Lancelot able to get to and from the Enchanted Forest? But now that I’ve gotten my Camelot questions out of the way, let’s move on.

So, Emma’s the Dark One … who saw that coming? But let’s compare her to the other Dark Ones. Emma didn’t become the Dark One because she craved power, she did it to save Storybrooke.

And even as a Dark One, Emma is still the good guy. Sure she makes a few mistakes, but in what I’ve gotten from Merlin, she’s the Dark One to use their power for goodness. I mean, she saves Killian. Who also becomes a Dark One but is tethered to the larger half of Excalibur. Emma makes Excalibur whole again because she wants to save Killian, which is why she made the dreamcatchers and took everyone’s memory.

While we’re still on Dark One Hook … “Pretty blonde distraction” is what he calls Emma. It’s hard for me to believe that this is the guy who got stuck in the past with Emma and punched past-Killian at the end of Season 3. And let’s mention everything he does wrong:

  • He kills Merlin to make a curse.
  • He tries to kill Gold
  • He brings all of the past Dark Ones – by that I mean, all of those before Gold – who want to stay and terrorize Storybrooke so they mark Emma’s family to take the place of the Dark Ones in the Underworld.

And it takes something Regina says to make him snap out of it and snuff out the darkness … or so he thinks. Dang it, Gold! And so Gold takes all of the power of the darkness for himself. And I thought that pre-Dark One Rumplestiltskin was a good guy. Man, did he prove me wrong.

And so Emma, and her family go to the Underworld to save Hook. And luck would have it, a villain makes an appearance – Hades. I’d like to notice how his appearance is based off of his character from Disney’s “Hercules.” And it just so happens, that Hades has Megara and Killian captive. Convenient, am I right?

So, let’s just say that I’m not gonna speak anymore about Underbrooke. We’re back in Storybrooke, Hades tries to earn Zelena’s affection buy playing the so-called good guy around her. He and Robin die. That’s all. My problem with that, is that he should’ve became good when his heart started again. But of course he doesn’t because, well, thousands of years of villainy?

Okay, so Gold tries to tether all of the magic of Storybrooke to himself, and Henry wants to destroy magic. Killian, Regina, Snow, and David get stuck in the Land of Untold Stories. That’s where we meet Jekyll & Hyde. So now what? Shakespearean characters come onto Once Upon A Time, because that would be so awesome.


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